Friday, September 7, 2012

One day at a time..3 months later

I've spent my whole life being that girl that was overweight or in my own head never good enough. I was never good enough for me.
In May 2010 I was "diagnosed" with Fibromyalgia, a wide spread chronic body pain. At 23 years old I could barely walk or couldn't walk. Long story short, I ended up in FL, did 8 months of treatment for it. My dr told me not to do any strenuous work outs. I could walk on the treadmill (no incline) or ride the bike. That lasted a whole nano second. I got extremely bored with no progress. PLUS, he kept putting me on "soup detox diets" to get a head start on my weight loss and those didn't do anything! (Well, besides irritate me!) :)
I thought it was my fate to be overweight the rest of my life. I knew even though my Dr told me.. "Kaitlyn, if you don't change your lifestyle you WILL have diabetes by the time your 27 and you will be walking with a cane by the time your 30." I accepted that as my fate. It was what it was.
Well, back at home where i'm from there's this awesome place called OBX bootcamp. A bunch of my friends and neighbors were joining it and loving it! I could see the results and they were so genuinely happy to be working out. I wanted what they had. I told myself even though I wanted to join I would NEVER be at that level. My Dr told me so. Dr's are always right, right?
So, in June 2012 I came across a living social deal for a bootcamp coupon. How stoked was I? STOKED, so stoked. So, me being the girl who loves a good deal I totally signed up. "Even if it doesn't work out at least I didn't pay full price."
My first day.. 15 mins in I dipped and hid in the stairwell..telling myself I was okay with what I had done. Knowing damn well that wasn't true or I wouldn't be hiding!!!!
Second day.. Oh dear sweet baby jesus..TOE taps??!?! Running up that parking garage hill????!?  Kill me now. I repeated over and over and over.. "I just want to die." (p.s. taking phone calls during bootcamp is a HUGE no-no.) :)
So, as you guys can probably guess, I quit. 2 days in..I quit. "I just can't do it."
I decided about a monthish later that I was going to write the BC.... "Hi there.. I purchased a living social package and I went for one day like 2 weeks ago.. and I gave up on myself because I didn't do very well. I was wondering if it's possible I can continue my month or if I can't due to waiting so long."
So, the owner talked me into another "deal" and I was back.

July 5th
The real start.. I came and I did what they asked to the "best" of my ability (or so I thought). I started with getting measured and sitting down with the owner and a fellow PBC associate/bootcamper. I listened, talked, laughed and played the same game I always do. Until, the owner goes "You know what? I can already tell what this is going to be. You're one of the ones that are like *shrugs shoulders* eh maybe i'll do it or maybe I won't" Holy pissed. I was like how dare he say such things to me. He doesn't know me!! Clearly, he knew me better than I thought he did.
I said to myself, "I'll show him!!!! I can't WAIT to get to bootcamp." ha..he won.
He said "Would you die for this?"
Here I am 2 months later and i've never been happier. With the love and support my bootcamp family gives me my life is completely different. I look forward to working out, to seeing them, to laughing with them, to making memories with them, to watching us all change our day at a time.
I fight the process like a good Leo does.. but as long as I NEVER quit..i'll be okay.

P.S. Today, I would die for this. My life is worth living.

P.P.S. Do you know what it feels like to have your trainer tell you your like a machine? Or a guy to tell you that I KILLED it in TURBO toe taps? I never thought I would.. PBC has changed my life..and it's ONLY getting better.
My life has changed so drastically in only 3 months..

It started June 18th with the picture on the left and the picture on the right was taken August 13th.

This is how I will take all of my pictures for my "after" pictures (see above).  I'm learning to love my body one day at a time. I NO longer fear my pouch.
This picture above was take August 30th. I've never taken a picture of myself in a bathing suit like this. I've always hidden behind something or someone or behind clothing.
I will NOT hide anymore.

This is me..
for now.

Thank you for everything thus far Jared, Zach, Chris, Brenna, and the other trainers..and to my bootcamp family who pushes me and has shown me I can do ANYTHING I put my heart and soul into.

Love you guys,
- Kaitlyn "Burpee" Alley

Fears vs DREAMS...

What's your biggest fear?


What's your GREATEST dream????


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  1. I love you and you look fabulous. I want to join.... I need to make some serious changes...